Introduction: Floating Rocket Desktop Display

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I've always enjoyed creating things that look like they shouldn't work. I think this display is something along those lines. It's very simple to build and adds a cool touch to your desk.

Why is the frame an L-shape and have no backing? Because I think it's important to show that there is nothing supporting the rocket from the top, or back.

Let's build!


Here's what you need to build this project:

  1. Frame magnets -
  2. More magnets (inside rocket)
  3. 0.125" x 0.5" -
  4. 2mm x 8mm -
  5. 3mm x 6mm -
  6. Fishing line -
  7. Glue -
  8. Side panels -
  9. 3d printer filament (PLA) -
  10. Fasteners -
  11. Spacers -
  12. Acrylic -

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Step 1: 3D Print Rocket and Nozzle

Print the rocket in vertical orientation, in liftoff position. I used support, and then removed the center section with pliers.

The nozzle should be printed as shown, no support.

If you don't have a printer and would like to buy the parts - here is a link:

Rocket - Rocket for Floating Rocket Display (GZ6JS7KEG) by sirjason132 (

Nozzle - Rocket Nozzle (ETTEZCXSM) by sirjason132 (

Step 2: Cut Side Panels

I laser cut these panels.

You could also 3d print these if that's what you have access to! Both sides are identical.

I ended up countersinking the holes and using flat head cap screws - I like the flush mount look.

I used M3 x 8mm flat head bolts.

Step 3: Modify Spacers

I used these spacers:

Two of them need to be modified and the corner one is left unmodified.

  1. The upper spacer needs to have a tapped hole added to it in the center. I tapped this one #4-40. However, tapping for M3 bolts will also work.
  2. The lower spacer needs to have a hole added in the middle for the fishing line. Hole size doesn't matter too much, as long as the fishing line fits through.
  3. Make sure that the holes is deburred really well - you'll want to avoid sharp edges that could cut through the fishing line!

Step 4: Cut Flames

I cut my flames from 2mm thick acrylic and painted them


You can also 3D print these.

Step 5: Assemble!

  1. Bolt spacers to one side panel
  2. Join the other side panel and bolt it to spacers
  3. Bolt the magnets to the upper spacer
  4. Install magnets inside the rocket
  5. Add bolt to rocket - I used M3 x 20mm
  6. Tie fishing line to bolt in rocket
  7. Tie fishing line to spacer on frame - leave it a little long on purpose
  8. Lift rocket towards frame magnet - it will pull, so get ready!
  9. Loosen the bolts on the lower spacer
  10. Rotate the spacer to take up slack on the fishing line
  11. Shorten the fishing line until rocket drops away from magnet, then increase length until rocket stabilizes
  12. Now tighten up the bolts on the spacer that the fishing line is attached to, and you're done!
  13. Congrats!

Step 6: Show Your Friends Your Cool Rocket

Now you can proudly display this on your desk for all to see!

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