Welcome to the colorful world of creativity! Join us in an exciting Rainbow Contest where we embrace the vibrant spectrum of the rainbow. Show off your skills and let your imagination run wild as you design mesmerizing creations that either encompass the entire rainbow or focus on a single color (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Purple (we combine indigo and violet). From fashion accessories to home decor, unleash your inner artist and transform ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art.

So, gather your paintbrushes, rummage through your craft supplies, and let your creativity shine. Join us in this celebration of vibrant hues and discover the magic that unfolds when colors come alive in our DIY projects. Get ready to be amazed by the kaleidoscope of talent and the sheer joy of creating something truly unique.

Don't forget, if you incorporate Tinkercad, you'll be eligible for the Tinkercad Judges' Prize!

We will also have the traditional Judges Prizes for best use of each color and rainbow: Rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of colors and be amazed by the talent that unfolds in our Rainbow Contest!

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The Colors of the Rainbow Contest is in judging.

Grand Prize

27 Prizes

Grand Prize

One Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • $300 Gift Card

Judges Prize Colors

One Judges' Prize Winner for each Rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple will receive:

  • $200 Digital Gift Card

First Prize

Three First Prize winners will receive:

  • $200 Gift Card

Second Prize

Five Second Prize winners will receive:

  • $100 Gift Card

Judges Prize - Tinkercad

One Judges' Prize Winner that uses Tinkercad will receive:

  • $200 Gift Card

Runner Up

Ten Runner Up winners will receive:

  • $50 Gift Card
How It Works

Write an Instructable

Create a new Instructable that fits the guidelines outlined in the contest description above. To be eligible, Instructables must be published between Jun 5, 2023 and Jul 31, 2023 (11:59pm PT).


Upon publishing your Instructable you'll see checkboxes for open contests. Select Colors of the Rainbow Contest. If you have entries currently eligible for entry, it will also show up by clicking "Enter this Contest" on the right side of this page.


Entries are accepted by Instructables staff within one business day Monday - Friday. What matters is the submission time, not acceptance time.


A panel of judges made up of Instructables staff and respected members of the community rate the finalists. The averages of the ratings determine the winners.


When the winners are decided they will be notified and announced here on the contest page.