Introduction: Rainbow Eye With Recycled Paper

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In this instructable we will make a painting of an eye using the recyclable paper technique, with the sheets of our notebooks, blocks, newspapers, etc. that have already been used for their respective purposes and we no longer know what to do with them.

To make this painting you must make a sketch, prepare the different colors of the rainbow and paste the shredded paper in the way that I will explain in this tutorial so that it is perfect.

Let's grab some materials and make a recyclable paper painting!


To make this painting you need white or colored sheets of paper that you no longer use.


The required tools are:

  • A canvas (I used an 11" x 14" canvas)
  • Sheets
  • Paints: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Tweezers

Step 1: Draw the Sketch

Before you start adding the shredded paper, you should draw the sketch that you like best. You don't need to be an artist, just find a reference image and draw guide lines.

An advantage of this technique is that it looks great with simple drawings, here is a link with many more similar examples:

When you have chosen your reference, draw it with a pencil on the canvas.

Step 2: Recycled Paper Sheets and Paints

This is the most fun part of this instructable.

For this project use two (2) kitchen containers, in one I will cut the white paper and in the other the yellow paper into small pieces.

then I put water in each container so that all the paper is soaked for three days, use hot water to speed up the softening process of the paper.

Then in 8 small plastic cups (I used 6oz) you must pour the soft paper in each one of them, 1 glass with the yellow recycled paper for the yellow color and the other 7 glasses with the white recycled paper.

For my painting I used the following colors:

  • Yellow: in the yellow recycled paper cup
  • Purple: combine blue, red and white paint for a lighter shade
  • Indigo: combine blue and white paint
  • Orange: if you do not have orange paint, it is done with the combination of yellow and red paint.
  • Green: if you do not have green paint, it is done with the combination of yellow and blue paint.
  • Red, Blue and black.

Now we are going to mix each of the preparations and add two teaspoons of glue and mix again.

Step 3: Add Recycled Paper - Eye Contours

To add the recycled paper to the painting, I recommend doing it in the following way to facilitate its realization and keep the colors as clean as possible.

Add glue in small sections to prevent it from drying out and with the tweezers we are taking the black recycled paper in small portions.

Once this step is complete, we let it dry overnight so that the black color does not mix with the other colors.

Step 4: Add Recycled Paper in the Other Areas

To fill in the different areas of the table we must do and repeat two simple steps:

1.Add glue to a small section of the area of ​​the color you are filling in to prevent the glue from drying out.

2.Add the recycled paper of the corresponding color on top of the glue.

The form of padding that I used was the following:


1. recycled paper of yellow color for three sections of the picture.

2. recycled paper of green color for two sections of a picture.

3. recycled paper of green color for two sections of a picture.

4. orange recycled paper for two sections of the picture.

5. purple recycled paper for three sections of the box.

6. The blue recycled paper for a section of the box.

7. Indigo recycled paper for a section of the painting (the iris of the eye).

As the last step, paint with a brush the white parts with white paint to give the painting a better finish.

Step 5: Painting Completed

Our beautiful rainbow eye painting is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on another way to use paper we no longer use, and that you try making one yourself!

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