Introduction: Best DIY Camera Lens Caps V2.0

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This is the second version of the Best 3D printed lens caps. I guess you or someone you know have lost a Lens Cap at least once. I created the most durable 3D printed lens cap before (You can see the video in the next step), BUT I think the caps was missing something! and that's a place to store them. Every time you take off the cap you try to find a place where to store it and most of those places are awful and dangerous for your cap, like:

  • Backpack, the safest place, but hard to find, all the accessories mixing.
  • Pants Pockets, that's how many lose their caps, you try to store it and slips out, and if it falls in a garden the cap doesn't make a sound.
  • Jacket Pockets, with the movements of your photography poses the cap gets out and it's history.
  • T-shirt pocket, the worst one, with only one movement the cap can be lost.

That's why I join the best 3D printed lens caps with MAGNETS!


  • 3D printer and Filament.
  • A lens without a Cap.
  • N1 Binder clip
  • 8x3mm Magnet (LINK) Note: Be sure to select the 8x3mm option.

Step 1: Designing the Caps

I used Fusion360 to design the caps.

  • Basically are made from circles and 2 slots for the cap tabs.
  • Created a new perpendicular sketch to create the slots guides.
  • A lot of measures of the lenses.
  • And created the custom thread menu selection. (That was the hardest part)

Step 2: Printing the Caps and the Holder

The caps have a print in place design.

  1. Load the file.
  2. Set 0.2mm layer height. (It does NOT need Supports, the file already have designed supports)
  3. Select at least 3 Walls and 3 Layers for top and bottom.
  4. Select the infill you want (15% is just ok).
  5. Wait for the printing process.

Easy to print and use. (Download all the caps for free HERE.)

Step 3: Adding the Magnets

Let's make them better!

We will add the magnet by just placing them inside the Caps Holder and use the glue you want (It can be hot glue, super glue or epoxy glue) I used hot glue as is the one I have right now, but I prefer epoxy glue because is stronger.

  1. Insert two 8x3mm magnets into the Holder and apply glue. Wait for the glue to cure.
  2. Insert the magnet in the cap, and place the cap in the holder, if the cap repels the holder turn around the magnet of the cap.
  3. Apply glue over the cap and magnet and wait for the glue to cure.
  4. Insert the N1 binder clip. (Follow the video tutorial on Step5 if you missed it out).
  5. Enjoy!

It is a great fidget toy.

Step 4: Use Them!

  1. Insert the holder into your favorite camera strap.
  2. Get close the cap to the holder and observe the magic snap!.

To release the cap:

  1. place your fingers over the cap.
  2. press with your thumb the holder lever.
  3. Slide the cap to release it.
  4. Do it many times as you want to release stress.

Step 5: Customize Them!

If you wanna make them better, Add logos and letters to your Caps, follow this next tutorial using Tinkercad.

Tinkercad works online so you don't need to install any software.

Also you can paint the logos or the letters with some nail polish and acetone to make the letters pop out!

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