Introduction: Battery Powered Retro Bike Light. Keep It Simple

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This is the easiest retro light upgrade. I have this beautiful old bike and it came with the retro light but the light was missing the wheel generator and wiring. I considered what would be 1. the cheapest 2. The easiest 3. The option that wouldn't destroy the old light. I know I am not good at wiring and I didn't have the founds to buy a new bike generator. So this is my solution, its easy enough for anyone to do and keeps your bike looking Retro.


What you will need.

  1. Old retro bike light
  2. Battery Powered bike light
  3. Old rags

That's it every thing you will need

Step 1: Find a Light

Find a battery powered light that will fit in side the housing of the old light.

Note: I took out the reflector that was on the inside of the old light. This made more room for the light I had.

Step 2: Pack the Old Light With Rags

To stop the light from rattling, pack a rag behind and round the smaller light. Test to see if the cover will still close and stay on if it is shock around.

Step 3: That's It Go.

The Light works really well, the diffuser of the old Retro light makes the new one works better. You will have to take the light cover off to turn of and on the light but worth it for that Retro look. Let me know if you try this.

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