Introduction: Case for Metal Scissors Designed With Fusion 360

Hi i'm Liam and I'm in 6th grade in Texas.

I made this case for metal scissors designed with Fusion 360 because of the challenge and for the competition.


In this project you will need a protractor, a 3d printer, a design software (preferably fusion 360), and 3d printer filament.

Step 1: Testing

Making the scissor case started with one of the most crucial parts of this design: Testing.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and studied Its shape, and made a rough sketch in Fusion 360. All scissor shapes are different so you have to do this part on your own. When you print it to test for size you should size it to one layer thick so you don't waste filament testing.

Step 2: Hollowing Out

This part is the heart of the project, the hollowing. First I got a protractor and measured the thickest part of the scissor blade and made the most successful test of that thickness. Once I did that I copied the new sized test and pasted it. After that, I made it larger and made it into a hole in fusion 360 so the first test can fit in the new size. Then I hollowed out the good test.

Step 3: 3d Printing

This step is pretty straightforward, (it's definitely the hardest step) here it is: 3d print. 

Now you’re done!

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