Introduction: Metal Can Tab Necklace

Welcome to my first instructible! A few months ago, I discovered that you could make jewelry out of can tabs and I have been collecting all sorts of tabs since then. I've seen many ideas on YouTube and Pinterest and i was obsessed with the idea. I love these because it is a great way to reuse materials. it also costs me barely anything at all. You can use the same pattern for belts or bracelets.


  • String or yarn

  • Can tabs

  • Pliers

  • Charms (optional)

Step 1: Start of the Chain

Cut a piece of string two and a half times the length of your neck and pull one end into each of the holes of a can tab. Make sure that the tab is in the middle and quick tip, using a hook of some sort makes it much easier to pull the string through!

Step 2: Back Tabs

Insert the string over the second tab then under the holes of the first can tab. You also will want to pull it back over the second tab on the other side. It should look like the pictures.

Step 3: Front Tabs

This time you will have to put a tab next to the top one and on top of the bottom one. Now you put the string through the holes. Pull the tab up a bit and put the ends in and pull it through the right half of the bottom tab. You can look at the pictures to see if you did this correctly.

Step 4: Finishing Off

Once you have reached your desired length you can cut the ends off but make sure there's enough string left to tie with. You can also add a charm to your necklace which is completely optional.

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