Introduction: Mini Iron Wire Game

a game where you have to go from one side to another without touching the iron wire. if you touch the iron wire the buzzer will start playing which means you lost.


Step 1: Wires

Connect the iron wire to pin 10 until pin 53 on the breadboard

Step 2: Buzzer

connect the buzzer at the edge of pin 62 and 59 (so there is space for the wires)

Step 3: Wires

connect a wire on pin 59 where the buzzer is

 connecting to pin 10 where the iron wire is on the

opposite side of the breadboard.

Step 4: Battery and Wires

connect a long wire on pin 5 of the breadboard.

 aterwards on the same pin 5 connect the red battary wire.

then the black battary wire needs to be connected to pin 62 on the breadboard

Step 5: Wires

connect the long wire on pin

5 of the breadboard to a round iron wire as shown.

you can connect it by using tape or glue

as shown.

Step 6: Wires

finally remove the iron wire on pin 53 put the round wire in

and then put the iron wire back on pin 53 on the


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